Financial Consulting

Retirement and Financial Planning

Civic Financial advises high-income professionals and clients in or approaching retirement on planning and distribution. Our clients engage us as fee-based financial planners in a consultative approach, or for solutions-based planning and wealth management. Founding partners Scott DeSantis and Grant Parisi are Retirement Income Certified Professionals (RICP®), leading the firm in its planning for retirees.

Expertise in:

  • Financial planning: getting organized comprehensively in preparation for retirement.
  • Wealth management: Consolidating accounts, auditing allocation strategy, and enhancing simplicity.
  • Tax strategies: Integrating planning for taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts, and tax-free accounts.
  • Insurance planning: life insurance, long term disability insurance, long term care planning.
  • Education funding strategies.
  • Income distribution planning: withdrawal strategies, tax bracket management, income floors, social security analysis.
  • Estate planning strategies.
  • Philanthropic planning, effective gifting strategies, multi-generational coordination.
  • Socially responsible investing and environmentally conscious strategies.

Indirect Value-Added Services:

  • Connecting our clients with other trusted professionals: estate planning attorneys, accountants, mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, property and casualty insurance professionals, private bankers, etc.
  • Introduction to our firm’s existing clientele and network for professional connections.
  • Social events sponsored by Civic Financial.
  • Access to competitive lending companies.